Spring Fresh Leather and Vinyl

The spring is an excellent time to refresh the look of leather and vinyl surfaces in the home or business. Winter weather takes a toll on leather and high-grade vinyl. The low humidity of cold and frigid air has a natural tendency to dry these surfaces and create conditions that lead to splits and cracks. Spring is an excellent time to condition and clean leather and vinyl surfaces. Cleaning removes dust and dirt before it can get ground into the surfaces. Cleaning and conditioning help keep leather and vinyl surfaces supple and flexible. Spring cleaning and conditioning improves the color and appearances of these surfaces and prepares them for the warmer weather and higher humidity of the spring and summer seasons.

Leather Restoration

High-quality leather wears and ages with a distinctive look and feel. It is one of the reasons that so many property owners and homeowners invest in leather furnishings and accessories. To enhance the natural aging process, fine leather needs cleaning and conditioning. This routine maintenance will preserve the great looking surfaces and the depth of color. The periodic inspection yields areas for needed repairs. Leather Medic provides expert repairs for furnishings and leather covered accessories and fixtures. Repairs are an economical alternative to replacement of furnished items; repairs help preserve old and antique items.

Skilled Artisans

Leather restoration and cleaning is an art; skilled technicians resemble artisans of an earlier time whose unique skills set them apart as experts in their fields. Over time, their skills grew from the application of new knowledge. Leather Medic support provides continuity of the art of the past with the latest advances in conditioning and preservation and renewal.Through rigorous standards and training, Leather Medic technicians maintain the level of quality that defines the expert level of services associated with the franchise brand. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Growing a Business

Owning a Leather Medic Franchise is an excellent prospect for those who wish to control their future economic growth. Success requires investing the time and resources needed to build a solid business; Leather Medic provides state of the art technical assistance and marketing assistance. The Leather Medic business model includes a significant amount of goodwill and brand recognition. Resembling a skilled craft of long ago, today’s Leather Medic franchise uses a niche position to provide cleaning, restoration, and maintenance services. The Leather Medic franchise technology includes the powerful advantage of work at the client’s site, home, or commercial location. Leather Medic franchisees can offer services for fixtures, and other immovable furnishings and accessories. Offering a distinctive advantage for theaters, hotels, boats, planes, and other locations best served by onsite work, Leather Medic franchisees can build a strong business base.

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Feel Excited about Working with Your Own Leather Medic Franchise

When you wake up each morning with a feel of dread about going to a job with a hateful boss and gossipy coworkers, it is time to start your own business. Many individuals think about starting their own business but don’t know how to begin the process, but Leather Medic Franchise has a written business plan for its franchise owners. While some types of franchises are highly competitive, there is probably not a knowledgeable leather and vinyl repair business in your area. Not only do the business owners with a franchise from Leather Medic fix a variety of vinyl and leather items, they also go to on-site locations to make repairs.

Receive Professional Treatment from Other Business Owners

If you recently visited a restaurant in your town that had vinyl seating in its booths, then you may have noticed items that were stained, ripped or degrading. The manager might want to make repairs to the benches in their restaurant, but there is no one in the area with the equipment and knowledge to apply adhesives or dyes to the items. Imagine how exciting it would be to receive a call from this restaurant manager who wants the leather and vinyl items repaired in their business. Instead of feeling grumpy about going to work for someone else, you are greeted like a professional by the restaurant manager who appreciates your expertise.

Customers are impressed by Your Expertise

After making the repairs at the restaurant, the manager is impressed by the appearance of the benches and is willing to write a positive review of your Leather Medic business along with permitting photographs of the work. Of course, the review is also advertising for the restaurant, and an important way for you to get additional customers. Before you know it, you are receiving telephone calls and emails from other business owners, including the local hotel manager who needs to have leather couches repaired. While working at the hotel fixing the rips in the leather couches, a guest mentions that their luxury automobile has a torn leather seat, and they wonder if you could repair it .

Create Your Own Work Hours and Be Your Own Boss

You are able to drive your logo-embellished service van to the vehicle owner’s home to make the repair, and one of her neighbors notices the telephone number for your business in order to call you to fix the vinyl seats of their boat. Other boat owners see the type of high-quality repairs that you do after this job is completed, and remember it when they need leather repair work done. With a Leather Medic Franchise, you can enjoy going to work, you can decide the days to take off for family activities be the boss you’d want to work for.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leather Repair Franchisee?

Many people dream of starting their own business, yet few are ever ready to actually take the first step. Too often, self-doubt and procrastination get in the way of achieving our dreams. Yet, as you well know, the best way to fail is to never try. If you have been on the fence regarding opening a franchise, then compare yourself against this list of qualities to see if you have what it takes to be successful in leather repair.

You Like Being the Boss

Everyone says that they would love to be their own boss, but you know that you thrive in an environment where you can call the shots. From setting your schedule to managing the books, you are at your best when you are in full control.

You Love to Problem Solve

A leather repair franchise requires the ability to look at a project and figure out the best method for restoring the piece to the highest quality possible. While Leather Medic provides all franchisees with training, the success of your business will come down to you using your problem-solving skills to meet your customers’ needs.

You Get a Rush from Helping Others

When a customer calls a Leather Medic franchise, their project has value. Whether they want to repair an expensive set of furniture or restore their grandfather’s vintage jacket, you can take pride in knowing that you have the ability to bring their heirlooms back to life.

You Want to Build a Family Legacy

There is something about honing your skills at a highly specialized craft that just begs to be shared with your loved ones. Working alongside your friends and family can be a wonderful bonding experience with tremendous financial opportunities. As you build your business, think about who you know that loves working with their hands so you will be prepared when it’s time to expand.

You Believe in the Golden Rule

You take pride in always putting others first in every aspect of your life. Whether you are helping a loved one tackle a difficult chore or you are listening to a customer discuss a problem, you always try to demonstrate respect. This same compassionate perspective will be noticeable to your customers who will return the favor with repeat service and referrals.

You Owned a Lemonade Stand

Maybe it was a lawn mowing or babysitting service instead, but if you had a business in your youth, then you are likely a natural entrepreneur. Now that you have some life experience, take those business skills to the next level by exploring the benefits offered by franchise ownership.

Starting a franchise may feel like you are stepping out of your comfort zone, but the main skills you need for success have been there all along. From being your own boss to providing a needed service to others, you can achieve your dreams by acknowledging that you do have what it takes to pursue ownership of a leather repair franchise.
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5 Tips for a Successful Franchise Start Up

Starting a new business is an exciting time, and it is easy to get caught up in information overload during those first few weeks. While today’s market is booming for small businesses, it is important to have a competitive edge from the very first day of opening your franchise. These top tips come straight from successful Leather Medic franchise owners who are excited to share their secrets of success with fellow franchisees.

1. Be Passionate

Having the freedom to follow your dreams is one of the main reasons why you chose to open a Leather Medic franchise. As you step into the role of a business owner, remember the passion you first felt working with leather. Share your enthusiasm about watching the transformation as an old, worn out piece of furniture is restored to the beauty of its original form. Enjoy those moments when your customers’ eyes light up with delight at the prospect of having a family heirloom renewed. Your passion and enthusiasm are your best marketing tools, so let them shine.

2. Focus on Training

During your training, you will learn state-of-the art techniques for leather restoration and repair along with all the insider information you to need to take your company to new heights. Take notes, review your training materials and hone your skills using the lessons, and your confidence and experience will shine through in every piece you restore.

3. Keep Start Up Costs Low

Starting your franchise of on the right financial foot is critical for your success. While it may be tempting to invest in every piece of equipment right away, it truly is better to start small and invest as your business grows. As a Leather Medic franchisee, you have several tools at your disposal including a low initial start up cost, monthly payments and military discounts. Take advantage of these opportunities to begin your venture with the right financial plan.

4. Plan for the Future

Many franchises fail due to a lack of foresight. Fortunately, this will never be a problem with a Leather Medic franchise. Part of your business plan will include tracking of industry trends that will enable you to expand your franchise to the maximum that your territory will allow. The opportunities for growth are tremendous, and our resources can help you know when it is time to make another big leap for expansion.

5. Start Right Away

By the time you have decided to open a franchise, you have likely already spent many weeks in careful thought and consideration so do not waste another minute. Instead, get right down to work with your business planning and training because every second counts when it comes to building a business. Our training program is intensive and will help you refine your craftsman skills in hands-on labs while also learning the strategies for marketing your franchise. With all this knowledge and support, then you can jump into your new role while knowing that you have truly embarked upon a path headed straight for success.

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